For Your Entertainment

A Fancy Party In A Tent

A lavish affair that involves your guests dressing formally may involve you choosing an outdoor setting, which is set up on a well-manicured lawn or along a waterway. Event rentals will allow you to pull off an event without needing to purchase furnishings, decor, and an enclosure that will only be used for this particular occasion.

Select A Package Or Separate Rentals

An owner of a party rental establishment may offer package rental deals, which might include a tent, furnishings, and lighting. Tent sizes will likely encompass everything from a standard white tent with a pitched roof to a massive enclosure that includes side paneling, a peaked rooftop, skylights, chandeliers, and light strands.

Before you commit to a particular tent package, decide on your guest list and determine how you will utilize the space. A bar setup, a buffet table, a guest dining area, a dance floor, a stage, and a serving and food preparation section may all be part of your proposed party plans. If so, each area will require a separate part of the tent, and this may result in needing a larger tent size or a group of tents to comfortably accommodate all of your guests, servers, and hired entertainers.

Add Some Custom Features To The Setting

A formal party may inspire you to get creative with the manner in which you set up the tent. A serpentine-style bar or food service area, an elevated dance floor, ice sculptures, and a lounge are some interesting things that can be added to your party setting, which will likely impress each guest. All you need to provide a party planner with is information about the color scheme that you are utilizing for the event, the overall theme that you are promoting, and the amenities that you would like to offer to your guests.

While at a party rental business, you will be provided with a listing of furniture types and decorations that will help you achieve the party setting that you desire. If the event will be held on a hot day, seek a rental package that includes fans.

If your event may last for many hours and run well into the night, inquire about extra lighting, which will make the tent's atmosphere bright and alluring. Tablecloths, special dinnerware, seat covers, streamers, and balloons are some accessories that can be used to dress up the furnishings, tent poles, and entryways to the enclosure.